We believe in action. We believe the secret to attaining anything worthwhile starts with the decision to take a purposeful step. We believe that the reason a student fails at something is not because he or she didn't have the skills, knowledge or talent but simply because the fear of taking action prevented him or her from even trying.

Our goal is to motivate and infuse every student with a burning desire to take action. Our rallying cry is "Get Up! Get Active!" And as you develop the habit of taking action when you want to accomplish something, you progress toward leading an Active Life.

How to Get Started

We've created this site to help you Get Up and Get Active! and learn how to embrace an Active Life. You'll start by working on some important skills that are critical to success. Think of these as training exercises. As you master each, you also learn how to lead an Active Life. To provide some extra motivation, we've also tied each exercise to a College Scholarship. It's a chance for you to earn a reward for learning how to Get Up and Get Active!

Ready to Take the First Steps Toward an Active Life?

It's easy! Pick a subject that you are interested in and start learning. When you are ready, take a minute to apply for the Active Life Scholarship. We are always adding new exercises and scholarships.

Active Life Scholarship for Financial Literacy
(College students or older only) 

Active Life Scholarship for Political Expression
(College students or older only) 

Active Life Scholarship to Tackle Your Weakness
(High school and college students)