Political Expression

Making your voice heard is important especially when it come to politics. Sometimes the most powerful force in politics is not an elected official but a few vocal citizens who are willing to express their opinions.

To learn how to get involved in the political process and express your opinions, visit some of these sites. Please also apply to the Active Life Scholarship for Political Expression as a way to reward yourself for Getting Up and Getting Active in learning more about voicing your political views.



1] About.com CollegeLife Politics

This site has a section on getting involved with politics while being a student and covers specific issues that are unique to campus politics.


2] Local Victory

This site is all about how to win a local election -- which may or may not be something you're interested in doing. But it does have a good article on how to get involved with local politics. Well worth the read even if you don't plan on running for anything. 


3] YouGov

More of an opinion and political survey site than a how-to site, YouGov lets you register your opinions or just browse some current hot issues in politics.