Weaknesses and Strengths

Nobody likes to admit having a weakness. But part of being honest with yourself is to realize that while you naturally have weaknesses (everyone does), you can also take some steps to address them and even work toward transforming them into a new strength.

To get started on facing your weaknesses, take a look at the articles below. Also, apply for the Active Life Scholarship to Tackle Your Weakness as a way to reward yourself for Getting Up and Getting Active in transforming your weakness into a strength.


1] Can You Turn Your Weaknesses into a Strength?

This article from Psychology Today offers three concrete ways to face up to your weaknesses in a positive and transformative way.


2] Attack Your Limitations: Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths

This article from Zen Habits approaches the challenge from the personal experience of the writer, but the lessons learned can be applied to nearly any weakness.


3] How the Most Effective Leaders Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

Although this article from Inc. Magazine is aimed at business people, it shows that no matter how old or successful you are, you will be constantly tackling your weaknesses.